Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oldham parish church

                 There has been a church building on the site since the early 13th Century.
            the first chapel was located on lands given by Roger de Montibegon
    to the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem at Horsedge 12th Century.
   the estate was characteristically bounded by 7 holy crosses, the Crossses of Saint John.the base of one, "the crosse in the towne", was uncovered during  paving work on Manchester Street in the late 19th Century.  

The map below shows the positions of these seven crosses.

When the Order was given estates, small Commanderies were usually established to look after the day-to-day running of the property. The members of the Order were monks as well as soldiers, so each Commanderie had to have a church as well as a hospital for the sick and for travellers. In a place as small and remote as Oldham, the chapel and hospital would probably have been in one building.
The small 13th Century chapel was replaced by an Early English Gothic church in the 15th Century.
The Parish Church of Saint Mary was linked with the parish of Saint Mary, Prestwich from 1280 until the 19th Century.
The parish records go back to 1552 it cost £30000 to build including crypts there
are 120 free seats plus pews 

The interior was given an update in 1976 removing 
the Victorian  clutter  usingbold bright colours but it was not to every ones taste
but after spending time in there it warms to you  

Link here for the crypts 

Our first time inside this church were we was made welcome 
had a cup of tea and a guided tour 

We found these items underneath the church in the 
crypts the thought is these might belong to the 
earlier church what stood on this site 

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