Monday, 9 December 2013

Welcome to Devils hole

Devils hole is a name given to this tunnel by the locals, for years the legend has it that two boys in a canoe rowed down there and was never seen again , upon entering the tunnel (as kids) it was dark and damp and about 30 feet in there was a sudden drop of about 12 foot and looking down all you could see was old prams old bikes a bit of a car and a canoe broken in half !!.realistically this was a tunnel to carry the old sheep washes brook underground and under the mills and into the river now used as a sewer overflow coming from chew valley.Them who dare wins We have now entered this tunnel using various access points the original drop has gone but there is another reached via the river never seen before the tunnel is in good condition with alterations evident in various parts we have found no evidence of a water wheel which has been said powered the mills near the river we now have other ideas were this might be.This tunnel is still to be investigated further.    
more history...

The start (river end)
just before we entered

Walking towards water fall
pictures at the bottom looking up

 Now we enter from the other end of devils hole
Secret entrance, The only way in down a ladder

 Bottom of ladder in devils

 walking towards the waterfall 

The drop (water fall) from above

 walking towards the waterfall 

 Roof above water fall (floor boards ?)

 Old drains dropping into devils hole 

In the background what you see is the end of cows hole
we will explore this soon and report 

Here is a video that i took, just waiting on weather 
to explore cows hole. (update)cows hole now explored
see cows hole link

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