Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hartshead Pike

The tower on Hartshead Pike in Ashton-under-Lynne is a well-known local landmark it marks the spot were a beacon fire was lit (Romans) to warn trouble was on the way, it was rumored a hermit called billy lived there,  It is a popular destination for afternoon strolls and the tower in the 1930s once housed a refreshment shop on the ground floor a charge of one old penny was levied which allowed you to climb the stone stairway but the tower has been sealed shut for many a year now  .

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 The Pike 

Me at the door

My dad and me at the entrance

ground  floor fire place

Stairway leading up to the 1st floor  note
gas bottle this was used to power generator 
to lite up the pike at night 

first floor fire place 

Looking up the chimney 

Me stood in a bricked up window  arch  
on first floor 

My dad in the arch 

  My dad and me stood each side off 
  the stairway with the stone walkway above

  Looking back down the stairway

  My dad stood on a stone platform this
  used to have a safety barrier 

  Me stood on the platform the 
  stairs on my left 

  looking up onto the third floor once
  there was a ladder to climb to this level 

  An internal view up to the top of the spire note the orbs ?

  Me and my dad stood on the real pike
  This was the spot of original tower  built 
  in 1751 but was struck by lightning and split into two
  The  tower was rebuilt in 1863 by John Eaton, a little south of the earlier   structure, to mark the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The land on which the tower stands was given to the town by Lord Stamford, who also gave the stone for the tower's construction to the present day where it stands high on the hills 

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