Monday, 9 December 2013

Victoria Arches (cathedral steps)

The Victoria Arches are a series of bricked-up arches built in an embankment  of the River Irwell in Manchester. They served as business premises , landing stages for Steam packet riverboats and as Second World War air-raid shelters . They were accessed from wooden staircases that descended from Victoria Street.[1] Regular flooding resulted in the closure of the steam-packet services in the early  20th century, and the arches were later used for general storage. Following the  outbreak of the Second World War they were converted into air raid shelters.  They are now bricked up and inaccessible, the staircases having been removed in  the latter part of the 20th century.

view from the road 
Somebody shoe ?

Air vent 
old steps leading outside 

     A few pictures looking out 

    More steps leading up to street level 

Man hole (sewer)

Stair way to heaven  

 Dont let them read this !

Medical post  

Ladies this way penny a go  
Note the barriers 
Gents toilets

Janitor room 

Leading to toilets 

Misty in here  

My wages have gone !
Bricked up door 


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  3. brilliant reminds me of pics of old tube stations in london for some weird reason .it should be a museum.keep on searching.