Friday, 6 December 2013

Bailey mill

 Bailey mill in Delph was built in 3 stages, starting in 1863 with later additions in 1865 and 1871 respectively.

The mill was owned by the Mallalieu family who were in the textile business with cotton and later 
onto wool. The firm went into administration in 1996. They came out of administration when they were bought 
by another Delph weaving company, Gledhills. However, in doing so, most of the business was transferred to 
Valley Mill, just up the road. Bailey Mill remained in use until about January 2000.

Since that time it has remained empty and its future is uncertain. The old Delph branch line (locally known as The Delph Donkey) once ran along the front of the mill in the picture with the last passenger train running on Saturday 30 April 1955. The old track bed is now a popular recreational route to Dobcross and Uppermill.
Although the railway infrastructure has mostly been removed, the architecture of the bridges, walls and buttresses remains.

Welcome To Bailey mill

Chimney looks like they ran out of stone and carried on with brick

Hey i lost some weight

Wonder what this engine was used for ??

Was pretty trashed in here

Dont forget to wash your hands after use 

On we go

Couldn't find a chair for my homework

I found a book couldnt be bothered to read from 1923 to 2012

Stairway to heaven

The floor started getting a bit dangerous here so did not venture down that way

Top floor so many holes in these floors needed to change my y fronts when i got home 

this is the floor from underneath

When i fist came across this i thought it was a snake breading place

Picture off some rolls that the cotton used to go on like the colours in this picture

Old wicker basket (skip)

hmmmm wonder what this meant

Glad i did not find any terminators behind that sign just a empty office

Conveyor belt leading down to the next level

Now for the amazing part
Machines not going to say much about this part as the pictures speak for there selfs


                                                                 My dad thinking 

I have so many pictures off this place but did not want to bore you all to sleep

                                                               Thanks for showing interest  

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