Monday, 9 December 2013

Sally,s Hole (park bridge)

Sally,s hole was put in along side devils hole just after the great floods in 13th July 1872, The flood washed down sheep washers brook down through snipe clough and chew valley gushed through devils hole (before sally hole) and did serious damage to the two cotton mills knocking down outbuildings and flooding the cellars ,so it was decided to put in sally,s hole built of brick and cast iron pipe running underground along side devils hole to appear further down river were water would safety enter it ensuring if any great floods happened again the excess water would be carried away from any buildings ,Legend has it "a girl named Sally" a niece of the mill owner was murdered in the tunnel hence the name "Sally,s hole".
The entrance still open

Just bend down 
  Just as you enter it has about 15 foot corrugated
pipe changing to brick 
iron ore water was flowing  
 A root trying to get a drink  
Note the curves  

section of cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipe made in the iron works
The now bricked up end 

A poem we found on internet about sally,s hole

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