Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Red Brook engine house Standege tunnels (air shafts)

approximately in 1796  Steam engines of the Newcomen type coupled to reciprocated pump were utilized in the engine house at Red Brook and elsewhere for the drainage of the working levels inside the tunnel's while being dug, A small quantity of water was discharged into the top of the pumping shaft at Red Brook falling as a fine spray and thereby inducing a strong draught of air down the shaft and into the workings far below to help the workers breathe fresh air . This ventilation system had continued in use during the construction of all three tunnels , Both shafts are now covered by steel mesh for safety we tried looking down but found it to dark to photograph 
It felt very scary and uneasy stood on the grating covering the very very deep shafts 

The outside 

Now were in 

Trying to look down 

Stood above a deep shaft (scary)
 Impossible to see down but very deep

South wall 
Part of the drainage culvert  

Shaft to a culvert 
 Stone walls 

Plenty of under growth  
Needs further investigation 

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