Sunday, 7 May 2017

Indians head

THE HILLS and moorlands of Saddleworth are covered with many large boulders and rock outcrops which may appear only of interest to the geologist and to the rest of us be simply lumps of rock.The origins of the names of many of these rocks are lost in time; some however have obvious links to its shape while others are associated with its locality and some have simply acquired a nickname for whatever reason.They have acted in the distant past simply as guides in the landscape, yet many of these have a story to tell and a place in our local history, whether its folklore or not.
The folk tales of Saddleworth include the story of two giants, essentially named after the rock outcrops of Alderman and Alphin in Greenfield, who both hurled large boulders across the valley at each other. 
 Long way up 


  Rest time

  We made it  

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