Friday, 14 April 2017

Healy Dell (Rochdale) Bomb Factory

In a hidden valley near Rochdale is a forgotten site from World War Two - a Munitions Works at Healey Dell where bombs and shells were filled. It opened in 1941 and closed two years later. In that time it produced around 130 million 20lb bombs and 25lb shells. Today you can still see many of the buildings that were either adapted for war work or purpose built. There are pillboxes, air raid shelters and magazines still standing

Some bunkers


 Main buildings 

  Way in (you need to be flexible)

 more inside

 Pill boxes 

 water pumps


 The mill

Stock fish pond


  1. Cracking explore lads, thanks for documenting the Forgotten past ( Jimmy)

  2. very enjoyable,having a brief look into the past.