Sunday, 19 March 2017

Parkbridge culvert (Ashton)

Parkbridge river culvert 

The culvert was built to divert the river medlock away from the storage yard it now runs under the post office and the road, At the post office end there is a weir and on-top of the weir wall you can see a cut out of the rock this carried a large metal chute what scooped up water from the river which then went down a pipe to feed the iron works with cooling water for the foundry also if you look over the bridge you can see a square hole in the wall this housed a valve to restrict the flow of water , The pipe started at the weir went all the way through the bridge being fastened to the wall and exited near the old cotton mill this sadly has now fallen down into the river .                                

toilet pipe from the above mill
Huge spiders everywhere
Looking up a grid

water baffle plates to protect brickwork

Remains of the old water pipe

Steel runners ??
These steel bolts would have fastened the steam
Hammer above in the foundry
On the way out

The next 7 pictures shows the original path
the river took before diversion and culverting

The video shows a cut out in the weir top wall were a shute 
scooped up water then sent it down a pipe you can see the pipe
 support and the pipe entering the wall bellow the valve room
what went all the waythrough the culvert to supply the mill with water 

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